I love the Brown Elephant. By shopping there, I am shopping locally, sustainably, and frugally. Plus, they allow dogs! They also represent an idea I’ve become very passionate about recently: supporting ethical/responsible businesses through your dollars. You can read more about the Brown Elephant’s mission here.

I figure, if I can buy most home goods at the Brown Elephant, then I will be supporting a good cause, helping keep a nice business in my neighborhood, and saving money. And, if I need a piece or furniture or a specific item, why not purchase one that has been saved from a landfill; with most of these items, there’s no need for shiny and new (aside from people’s obsession with shiny and new).

Since I love telling everyone about what I found there and for how much scratch, I thought it would be nice to document these purchases, if for nobody else but myself. I hope you enjoy!