Gnome Sweatpants – $8-$12 (cannot recall)

I bought these Gnome Pants from the Brown Elephant months ago, on a whim, because I needed some Benjy-walkin’ pants (when it’s a weekend morning and you are CERTAINLY not getting dressed for the day yet).

Somehow, they grew into more than that. They became grocery pants, after-work pants, and at this current moment, staying-inside-sick pants. They’ve provided endless fodder for potential What Not to Wear moments, although I would claim the Gnome Pants deserve time in the public eye. Once a girl approached me hoping I could point her to where she could buy her own pair of Gnome Pants. Tragically for her, it seems these were a once-in-a-lifetime find.

Have the Gnome Pants seen a bar or two? Absolutely. Have the ironic and the purposefully-lazy intentions blended together at this point? Definitely.


But, when we’re talking comfy cotton, whimsical gnomes, and  a butt-pocket for your phone, it turns out I had inadvertently bought the perfect pair of pants.

Here’s to many more dog walks, naps, ill-advised public appearances, and meals cooked with phone in pocket and earbuds piping conversation with my mom into my ears.