It’s been a little while since my last post. I have bought things from the Brown Elephant since…possibly uninspiring things. For example, while writing this, I have my feet propped up on an unassuming ottoman thing. It’s black and cylindrical, and made of plastic and foam. It was $15 and it fit the bill. And, it’s always good for me to toss a solid color into the mix; I’m drawn to everything odd and patterned, and sometimes you need a good solid-colored anchor in the room.

Anywho, Christmas tree. For the past few years, my fiancé (formerly boyfriend-at-the-time, obvs) and I have gotten a live tree. As a child we always had a fake tree, and Mike always had a live tree. I went with his tradition, since there are Christmas tree lots all over Chicago, and it was fun and sort of romantic to pick one out each year. They are somewhat a pain in the ass to water, but they smell nice, and they look great.

More and more, we try to be environmental, and so last year, Mike suggested we use the tree for firewood instead of tossing another tree in the trash. He sawed off the branches, and we burned it in our chiminea. It smelled kind of weird, and later we found out that burning evergreen smoke is not really great for the environment, and might even be poisonous.

This year, I didn’t feel like dealing with any kind of tree. Real tree sucks, fake tree sucks, they all suck! But, then I was walking Benjy, and I saw the Brown Elephant had a bunch of fake trees. AND they were having a 25%-0ff-for-neighbors sale.

So, after I finished up work (I was working from home), I texted Mike to see if he was cool with a fake tree, and I walked over. Per usual, I was drawn to the oddball tree. The sales associate described it as looking like a tree in Seattle, maybe one like this? I thought it was purposely designed to look like a narrow log with branches, but he mentioned it had a top piece that was missing. But it was too late, I loved it.

Christmas Tree – $20, on sale for $15

It came with 2 sets of white lights. And, I crafted a super classy tree top for it.

Class for days – made from a paper towel roll

I had about 10 ornaments around, and I hung those, and right now I don’t really care if we find the others.

$15, no watering, supports Howard Brown Health Center, kind of weird, bing bang boom. Thank, Brown Elephant!