Cargo Oil Lamp – $15

Mike had been looking for a camping lantern that burns oil, so that we could use citronella oil and keep the bugs away. Over the course of a month and probably 5 Brown Elephant visits, I had only seen a Coleman gas lantern, which wasn’t right for what we wanted.

This past Saturday, I found this beautiful lantern and bought it for $15. It has a little oil pot that sits inside with a wick that twists up higher or lower. The only way to open it is through the top, but you can light the wick with a long match through one of the bottom holes.

Later on Saturday, we must have spent 30 minutes searching everywhere for the damn citronella oil we certainly have, but never found. And THEN we spent 15 minutes trying to light the lantern with what I thought was leftover oil from a tiki torch, but turned out to be rain water…and that shouldn’t have been a surprise, since those torches have been outside for a year!

We were able to test it out with camping stove alcohol, and it was very pretty. We will need to buy some more oil, and maybe a length of wick too.

When searching for what exactly this is, I found it must be a ‘cargo oil lamp,’ as that pulled a ton of search results with similar looking items. Sort of crazy, the brand new version of these are REALLY expensive! Like $100-$150 for many models (I’m using this WayFair search for reference).

Oooh back to reality though; I suppose this eBay search for a ‘nautical brass oil lamp’ shows a bit more of a price range (some as low as $40ish), although nothing looks as similar here.

Either way, it seems like I got a very lovely oil lamp for the price. I would, however, be interested to see if I could find this exact one anywhere; the trouble comes from complete lacking of text or markings anywhere on the lamp, though. Even if I find out nothing more, we now have an old-timey, maritimey, nautical-looking oil lantern that we should be able to use with citronella oil. 🙂