Luggage is expensive, and for some reason, flower pots are expensive. As for the latter, I’ve definitely assigned an arbitrary value, a kind of ‘I will never pay more than X amount for this item,’ which generally prevents me from buying a new flower pot anywhere.

During the same trip where I found the railing planters, I also purchased this flower pot:

Flower Pot – $5

It’s a single item with the water tray part attached. When I bought flowers for the railing planters, I picked up the above pretty ones for this pot, too.

An even better find was this rolling suitcase:

Lipault Wheeled Duffel -$35

This baby retails for $259 brand new (and if, by the time you click this link, the 40% off navy- and chocolate-colored luggage coupon is still in effect, then FINE, retails for $155.40). It squishes down into a size that can be stored under your bed, which is nice.

I’ve been looking for a rolling suitcase about this size for a while now, but at places like Marshalls and TJ Maxx, the ones I’ve seen in the $40-$80 range weren’t especially cute or well-made. Still, I was holding out for a pattern that would immediately point out to all who saw me that I was a stylish world traveler, unaccepting of your boring neutral bags, your boring neutral bag life!

So, I was a little torn, as I’m hard-pressed to buy much in a solid color, nevermind a solid neutral color. But, the practice of buying resale items involves the (small) sacrifice that you don’t always get your most favorite version of a thing.

In one of his stand-up bits, Louis CK said, “People don’t even want to back off from their favorite thing. They won’t even do their second favorite thing” (video of bit here, or if the video has been taken down, try searching ‘Louis CK favorite thing’). It’s this mentality that you don’t take into account any other factors of what’s happening; you must do your favorite thing. His example involved driving, and I often apply it to when people buy dogs from breeders. With dogs, it’s the idea that you’ve always imagined getting this very specific type of dog, so of course you’re going to ignore thinking about sad shelter dogs to avoid the possibility of some uncertainties or extra training, because those dogs aren’t your favorite type of dog.

But I digress (a little); that quote applies to my shopping because I’m actively trying to buy resale items in an effort to shop a little more sustainably and to support the Brown Elephant, so I should take those factors into account, alongside my idea of what ‘my favorite’ suitcase is. And in the end, the Lipault suitcase is really cheap, really well-made, and benefits the Brown Elephant. And that is why it is a great find!