Yesterday, after a few ciders with my friend Jimmy, we rode the bus to head back to my place to play video games until Mike came home from work. Jimmy stopped to grab some coffee, and I thought I’d pop into the Brown Elephant.

I found and purchased these two railing planters:

Railing Planters – $6/each

If you bought these same ones at some fancy hardware store or nursery, you’d be looking at upwards of $18/each! Well to be fair, mine didn’t come with these liners, so that drops the actual retail value down to $13 each, so yeah, I guess I only saved a total of $14 between both of them. But, thanks to me being a crafty B*, it sort of is like I saved $24, because I crafted up some liners for free-sies. And, I had fun feeling handy with a power drill and capable of completing a project without any instructions.

Should you want to do this same project, instead of spending $5 on a planter liner like some sort of Monopoly man, here’s how you do it:

  1. Have some burlap coffee bags on hand. Don’t have them? If you live in a coffee-lovin’ town, there’s a chance your local roaster will give them to you for free. Or buy some potatoes or something, but I imagine it would have to be a pretty big bag.
Burlap Coffee Bags

2. Either cut off the end so you have a nice already-basket liner (if that’s the case, you’re nearly done!), or perform a shifty sewing job to complete the sealing of three sides of your rectangle piece.

Now that’s some shifty sewing
One of these required no sewing, and the other required about 15 minutes of labor

3. These last steps are sort of just how any normal human being must install these railing planters. You need to attach them to the railing (I am getting pretty good with the power drill!), put in the liners, and fill with dirt.

Attached and dirt-filled

4. Finally, add plants. If you’ve got a green thumb, you can just do seeds, but I was born without one of those 😦

Final product

All done! Special bonus if your neighbors see you working on your project, and you are able to solidify your identity as the local hippie lady, or perhaps a young Martha Stewart (who was likely her neighborhood’s local hippie lady).

*in some circles, this phrase may also refer to a ‘craft beer’