It stormed this morning, and while I lay in bed, I felt happy I didn’t have anywhere I had to be today. I felt even happier when I considered that this would be a lovely day to walk over to the Brown Elephant.

After breakfast and two Chemexes/Chemices of coffee with Mike, I showered and was about to head out. Last second, Mike decided to join me and we brought Benjy-dog, too. Here’s what we found:

Coffee Mugs – $1/each

I love these, especially the one on the left, so much. They’re a nice smallish size, and a great mismatched pair.


“PM Italy” Dish – $4

I bought this jewelry/loose-things dish to put by my bedside as a catch-all for jewelry, lip gloss, nail clippers, etc. A shinier version is on eBay for $50 right now, for whatever that’s worth; I don’t always know how accurate eBay pricing is for antiques. I’m not sure if sellers actually get their asking price. I do like the less pristine look of the one I purchased, since it goes better with the rest of my bedroom’s (and home’s) aesthetic, and since the price was right-er.

Reusable Shopping/Tote Bag – $1

I always carry a reusable shopping bag folded neat in my purse, so that I’m not stuck using disposable plastic bags at the store. I picked this up so Mike can do the same; he’s mentioned in the past that he really likes how I always have a bag handy, and he, too, tries to avoid plastic bags at all costs. The little carabiner will clip nicely to his bike bag, I think.

This one is Mike’s find:

Vivitar 28-200mm F/3.5-5.3 Lens – $15

Apparently this is a pretty good lens in great condition, and according to Mike (in collaboration with eBay listings), this would be worth around $60, in its used state. The important thing is that Mike doesn’t have a similar lens right now, so it’s a practical purchase.

I didn’t find any clothes today; good clothes finds here are fewer and farther-between for me, but that’s okay, since I frequent this store at least twice a week. We did, however, get some good Benjy-pets from strangers, although not without one crabby glower from someone whose stone heart could not be melted by Benjy’s puppy dog eyes.

Additionally, Mike hooked your girl up with these better-than-camera-phone pics. Slick!