This last trip to the Brown Elephant made me realize it’s not all about a good deal. Sometimes it’s about an okay deal, or something that’s ‘not really a deal’ at all. BUT YOU WANT IT.

Part of these posts is that I might someday get better with the photography, or someday I might plan around the lighting. For now, this is what you get:

Yellow (and Blue) Pillows – $12/ea

The other side of these pillows is the same pattern but pale blue. I saw these pillows the other day and wanted them…but I though ‘$12 is kind of pricey for these’. Then, I returned with my fiancé and I decided ‘I’m worth it’. The picture looks kind of crappy, but what these pillows do is give more cushion room, because I took the lumpy big back cushions away and replaced them with these guys. With the dog-cleanliness blanket, it’s pretty busy-looking, and I put that gray pillow in the middle there for who knows what reason. Trust me, though, it’s cozy and comfortable now.

Another non-deal was this pretty peplum blouse:

Peplum Blouse – $15

Marked at $30, then 50% off, this was still more money than I’d usually spend on a shirt at the Brown Elephant. I tried to find the actual price to further justify my purchase, but I ended up finding the same price at whatever this site is. 87% off? What does this mean? Is this shirt undesirable? A drifter, perhaps? Either way, it looked pretty cute with my purple maxi skirt today.

To end on a more practical note, my fiancé and I decided to get this TV unit:

TV Unit – $37.50

This is the sort of style neither of us is necessarily drawn to, but we needed to replace a bulkier (but somehow physically smaller) light tan particle board shelf thing that wasn’t doing anyone any favors. It’s nice that it balances out the pillows-and-pillow-and-blanket futon (pictured earlier), and with my attraction to busy patterns, it’s good to have a few demur-er pieces of furniture.

Also, it seems to be this Ikea product but with slightly different legs. Aw yiss, that’s a savings of about $150.