I recently filled up a Nordstrom Rack online cart with $90 worth of tops/blouses. Upon reviewing my choices, I realized they were mostly just rayon and polyester, and it did not feel worth it to proceed with the checkout. I figured, I could get so much more at the Brown Elephant (or another resale shop, or eBay), and really, I just felt indignant about my hard-earned money going towards a bunch of crap that was probably sewn by children overseas.

Today was extremely hot, and I figured taking my dog, Benjy, a short walk over to the Brown Elephant would be good, since it’s air conditioned. While I was there, Benjy received ample pets (he’s loves people), and I found a few great items:

Old Navy Bird Shirt – $6

I’ll be real, a $6 Old Navy shirt is not a killer find; they can get pretty cheap at the actual store, But, this one has birds, so it hooked me.

‘Underbed’ Spacers/Risers – $5

Aw yiss. I had insisted to my fiancé that Marshalls/TJ Maxx usually had risers, after we found our Japanese dining table (found at A World Through Rose Colored Glasses) served as a pretty good board-game table if boosted a paint-can’s height higher. Several trips later, no risers, so I kept my eyes peeled for a while. Well today, lo and behold, risers! $5, costing $10 at the Container Store. Good stuff!

Plastic Watering Can – $2 Westinghouse Stake Lights – $2 each

I hadn’t been looking for a watering can, but our current one sucks and leaks everywhere, so I figured this was a good buy. The stake lights appeared to be brand new with all their tags, including the little prevents-the-batteries-from-draining plastic tabs still in place. Searching for retail price, I found Amazon had the silver version priced at $75 for 15, so $5/pop (plus whatever lashings the Amazon warehouse employees receive per item).

So all-in-all, a pleasant bunch of finds today!